a master gardener, monarch aficionado, and compost maven.


As a garden coach, I garden with you, not for you.

Whether you are just beginning, want to take your skills to the next level, branch out or troubleshoot, I’m happy to help.




Live a flowerful life, in less time than you might think. Let me show you how to grace your garden with color in every season.




Bring your garden to life and help save some of Earth’s loveliest creatures. Learn the four ‘musts’ to creating a mini-haven for Monarchs.




Taste the joy of picking your very own. Start small or go big; I’ll guide you in what grows best, with organic tips and even compost counsel, if you want to go all in.


We can begin with an initial consultation. I’ll walk through your garden with you, talk about your growing goals, then sketch out a plan, which I’ll share with you on a return visit. After that, we can schedule a hands-on visit (or visits over time, if you like) working with you in your garden, to help make it happen.


a fabulous job. now we have a healthy, colorful garden with multitudes of butterflies.

— Louis Weinberg, Chairman, Westport Community Gardens


I turned to Alice for help, and now I love my English garden.

— Sherrie Ryan, Home Gardener


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Alice Ely
Certified Master Gardener & Composter
(and Registered Monarch Way Station creator)